5 Important Lessons You Can Learn From a Really Bad Day

The last 7 days have been bad days for me. I broke up with my girlfriend exactly one week ago. The first day was really tough for me. I didn't want to get out of bed that Sunday. I've bounced back. I feel better than ever now.

Here's what I've learned to look forward to during the "bad days":

  • They force you to practice gratitude - In order to pull myself out of my funk, I found myself practicing being thankful for something every single day. One day I was thankful to be in Barcelona. One day I was thankful to be alive. One day I was thankful for my daily morning run. One day I was thankful for the lessons I've learned in the relationship. One day I was thankful just to be breathing. I hadn't practiced gratitude in a while and it was refreshing.
  • You realize that hitting lows makes the highs even better - If things were perfect all the time, we wouldn't appreciate the good moments as much. Because those good moments would just be "normal." I've learned that having the low moments in life is normal. Everyone goes through it. No one's perfect. The key is to recognize it, embrace it, and move on from it. The first two days it really hurt. I felt really sad because we had spent over a year on the relationship and I thought about all of the amazing memories we had built together. But then I realized that life keeps going forward. And that it can be even more amazing for both of us if we allow it to.
  • Hard times motivate you to get in the best shape of your life - One of the best ways I've dealt with tough days is by working out intensely. It also helps that my ex-girlfriend told me that I wasn't fit enough for her. That gave me the extra motivation I needed. Now when I work out and want to quit, I just think of four words, "You're not good enough." So what did I do? For 4 days straight I've run 7 miles, done 300 pushups and 300 squats. I did that workout every single day. I plan on doing this until I leave Barcelona in 47 days. I've already gone down a belt notch and my swim trunks don't fit anymore (I have to fold them to keep them up!)
  • You remember to enjoy the simple things - One of my favorite parts of my bad days is getting a fresh green smoothie and drinking it halfway through my run. I'll sit on a bench and bask in the sun and think, "Life is good." And then, I believe it. My thoughts become me.
  • You'll learn from the bad days - You'll learn about other people. You'll learn about yourself. You'll learn from the situation. It makes you wiser, stronger, and better. Bad days are a blessing in disguise.

We'll all have our bad days. It's what you do with them that counts.