Hey Everyone!  I highly recommend these books if you need a heavy dose of motivation. I've read each of them myself so I know the content is really high quality.  Just click on the book image below to purchase it through Amazon.  Full disclosure, all links on this page are affiliate links - this helps to support the website so that you get fresh motivational content!


Online Business



This site is awesome if you're building off of a Wordpress platform.  I used this for the first website I built and found some really amazing themes that made it easy to get the type of style and design I wanted.  It's really reasonable in terms of pricing as well!  (Affiliate)



Bluehost is an awesome web hosting company I used to build one of my first sites for my book. I highly recommend it because of it's ease of use and flexible pricing plans!

Sketch 3

Almost all of my designer friends who work at companies like Facebook and Box use this application. It's extremely easy to use and saves you from having to pay for Adobe Cloud products with a simple one-time cost of $99 - that's it!



This is a great email marketing platform that can help with sign up lists, autoresponders and self hosted sign up forms. 


The Resume is Dead

My #1 bestseller in the Amazon Resume category with over 40,000 Kindle downloads.  This book features 7 inspiring stories on how people use unconventional, out of the box methods to land their dream job!  The stories revolve around people like Matt Epstein, VP of Marketing, Hanna Phan, who landed her dream job at SlideRocket and many more!

Interview Questions Pro

My interview questions book that will help prepare you for those tough interviews out there. For those of you that are job seekers, you can read it to tackle your interview like a pro! It features 500 Questions and Answers from a Fortune 100 HR specialist and my own research as well!