Understanding the perspective of hiring managers and recruiters

To help you ace your interview and help you land your dream job, it’s important that you understand the perspective of hiring managers and recruiters.

Here are the top 10 things that hiring managers will often think about as they look to make a hire:

  1. Can this person perform exceptionally well in this job based on experience?

  2. If this person doesn’t have the requisite experience, do they have the aptitude to learn how the job well?

  3. Does this person understand the company vision and are they enthusiastic and passionate about it?

  4. Is this person a culture fit for the company?

  5. Does this person have a great attitude that can help them find a path to success?

  6. Is this person coachable and can they take criticism well?

  7. Is this person prepared for this interview?

  8. Are you a likable person?

  9. Is this person genuinely curious?

  10. Can I depend on this person?

Nelson WangComment