The Top 100 Sales Interview Questions

Here are my “Top 100 Sales Interview Questions”

  1. How would you exceed expectations?

  2. Tell me about a time where you overachieved on quota and how you did it

  3. How do you prospect into new accounts?

  4. What’s your approach on building executive relationships?

  5. How do you manage a sales cycle from beginning to end?

  6. How do you research a company you’re prospecting into?

  7. When do you decline to continue pursuing a prospect?

  8. How do you handle tough objections?

  9. What drives you?

  10. How would you challenge the customer to think about the big picture?

  11. Sell me this pen.

  12. What types of questions would you ask a prospect?

  13. How do you leverage social media in your selling process?

  14. What would you do in your first 30 days?

  15. When do you involve a legal team in a deal?

  16. How do you ensure the legal teams are aligned to get a deal done?

  17. Tell me about a time where you lost a deal and what you learned from it.

  18. How do you build rapport with a prospect?

  19. What channels should you explore to find new customers?

  20. How do you properly qualify a prospect?

  21. How do you ramp up in a sales role?

  22. What are your best practices in learning sales?

  23. What type of sales culture do you think its necessary to build a successful sales organization?

  24. How do you position case studies with prospects?

  25. Tell me about a time where you challenged the prospect to think differently.

  26. Why do you want this sales role?

  27. Who has been your best sales mentor and why?

  28. What type of decision makes have you sold to in the past?

  29. What was your most effective way of converting leads into deals?

  30. If someone had to describe you as a salesperson, how would they describe you?

  31. How do you keep your current customers happy?

  32. What are you sales career aspirations?

  33. How have you grown as a sales leader?

  34. Give me an example of how you mentored someone in sales.

  35. What are your core values as a salesperson?

  36. What types of sales tools do you use and why?

  37. How do you identify a target user persona or ideal decision maker?

  38. How do you work with partners on a sales deal?

  39. Walk me through what you would day in a typical day as a sales rep.

  40. How do you forecast sales accurately?

  41. What is the least enjoyable part of the sales process for you?

  42. How do you handle giving feedback to the product team based on customer input?

  43. Tell me about a time where you made a mistake in sales and how you fixed it.

  44. What’s your ideal sales culture?

  45. If you had the perfect manager in sales, how would you describe that person?

  46. What is your favorite sales book and why?

  47. Tell me about a time where you were criticized and how you responded.

  48. If you had to hire a sales rep, what key criteria would you look for?

  49. Who is your biggest idol in sales and why?

  50. What are the most common objections you’ve run into and how did you handle them?

  51. How do you think sales quotas should be determined?

  52. How comfortable are you with cold outreach?

  53. Why are you leaving your current position?

  54. Give me three adjectives that describe you as a salesperson.

  55. How do you drive a higher conversion rate of your leads?

  56. What are your thoughts on event and field marketing and how it can drive sales?

  57. Tell me about a time where you got creativity to close a deal.

  58. Tell me about how you were able to prevent a customer from churning.

  59. What are your biggest weaknesses in sales?

  60. How do you build trust with a client or prospect?

  61. How do you build an effective value statement?

  62. How do you approach solution selling?

  63. How would you prepare for a deal where there are a lot of competitors?

  64. Tell me about a time where you had to do something new in your role. How did you adapt?

  65. Tell me about a time where you helped a teammate on a project outside of your scope of responsibilities.

  66. What’s the most interesting thing about your work experience that isn’t listed on your resume?

  67. Tell me about an achievement you’re incredibly proud of

  68. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  69. Tell me about a time where you had to rally the team around a new idea.

  70. How do you come up with new ideas that can impact the business?

  71. How do you set an agenda for a meeting?

  72. How do you articulate the business value of your solution?

  73. What are the “stages” to a deal?

  74. How do you prioritize your accounts?

  75. What gets you excited every day?

  76. How do you deal with change in sales?

  77. Tell me about a time where you got rejected and how you recovered from it.

  78. What metrics do you use to track your success in sales?

  79. What percentage of time per week do you dedicate to prospecting?

  80. Tell me about the biggest deal you’ve closed and how you did it.

  81. What makes you a top sales performer?

  82. When you first meet a prospect, what are your main goals for that meeting?

  83. How do you navigate working with the procurement department?

  84. How do you get executive buy in and support for your solution?

  85. How did you generate a deal from a trade show or event?

  86. How did you generate a deal from social media?

  87. Your champion at the customer doesn’t have the power to make a buying decision, what do you do?

  88. How do you multi-thread accounts?

  89. How do you involve the leadership team to help on sales deals?

  90. Let’s say the customer says your price is too high, what do you respond with?

  91. What does long term customer success mean to you?

  92. How do you prepare for presentations?

  93. How would you structure a sales presentation?

  94. What would make your presentation stand out vs your competitors?

  95. How would you structure a SOW?

  96. How do you involve professional services on a deal?

  97. How do you navigate a deal when the customer can buy direct online?

  98. How do you supersize your deals?

  99. How do you convince multiple departments to be a part of your solution?

  100. Why sales?

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    I hope this helps you in your interview!


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