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The step by step system and 1 on 1 intensive coaching program to land you dream job. In this program you’ll learn how to:

  • Find your purpose and passion in life

  • Use creative out of the box methods to land the interview

  • Interview better than your competitors

  • Build an amazing personal brand so recruiters come to you

  • Negotiate your salary to maximize your income


The step by step system of recorded trainings and (1) one on one coaching call will help you transform your resume and land more interviews

  • How to build creative assets step by step (like a website, video or customized presentation) to stand out from 99% of job applicants

  • How to reach out to hiring managers and recruiters with a compelling pitch

  • How to create a narrative that tells your story

  • How to clearly showcase your value and accomplishments

  • How to personalize and tailor your resume and outreach to the job role and hiring manager

  • How to write concise and effective cover letters

  • How to leverage the power of social currency

  • How to effectively apply for jobs even when you have no or little experience

  • Case studies that show you how others have done it

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The step by step system to help you negotiate the salary you deserve. In this program you’ll learn:

  • How to do the right prep work that sets you up for a successful conversation with your boss about a raise

  • How to create a strategy around different requests to maximize your potential earnings and benefits

  • How to overcome the toughest objections around salary increases

  • Proven email templates and scripts you can use to negotiate your salary