"Dream Job" Program - Diamond Package

"Dream Job" Program - Diamond Package


The 3 month coaching program will cover the material outlined in this program link here with the modifications listed below regarding coaching sessions and time allocation.

We’ll review the “Dream Job” strategies and materials in a virtual video meeting and it includes the following:

  • $750 due up front at the beginning of the coaching

  • (6) 30 minute coaching calls covering the topics highlighted in the dream job program here:  www.ceolifestyle.io/dreamjob

  • Unlimited emails over a 3 month period 

  • Bonus payment: if you both land a job in 1 year, there is a $3,750 bonus payment to Nelson. If you land a job after 1 year or do not land a job, there is no bonus payment. Please note, that this is $1,875 bonus payment per student since there are 2 students in this program, and the $1,875 bonus payment is due upon each student landing a job within a year.

  • Upon landing a job, a written and video testimonial to use for commercial use with no fees or costs attached for my company.

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